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Yuzuak ATOM42 PC

Highly efficient sprinkler rotating in full circle or partial circle, impact-type, operating at medium pressure (2.0 – 6 atm) Thanks to replaceable sprinkler ends and adjustable water breaker, it ensures you to irrigate your field with uniform water distribution. It is appropriate to use for dust control at roadsides, mines, construction sites and coal depots. Main body and scoop is aluminium with lower rotating mechanism made of brass, Teflon and stainless steel. It is equipped with a system allowing use of standard stationary breaker or licenced moving breaker. Moving breaker breaks water without preventing it to reach long distances. Thanks to the setting mechanism on the breaker, water may be broken less or more. With the blind plug that comes with it as standard, the second hole for irrigation of short distances can be plugged. And this allows less water consumption.


  • Aluminum body, Brass Spindle.
  • High Performance Full & Part Circle Impact Sprinkler.
  • Standard Nozzles: 12 mm – 14mm – 16mm – 18mm – 20mm – 22mm.
  • Inlet Size: 2″ Brass Female Thread, Body Angle: 28°.
  • Radius: 22 meters – 45 meters.
  • Discharge: 195 LPM – 850 LPM.

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