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Pro Ex 2.0

With advanced aerodynamic design, Kinetic Air Release Valves acts as a sound solution for intak and exhaust during the filtration and water supplying. The air valves balance the air intake and exhaust to ensure the pipes are sealed closely in low pressure. Air Release Valves are widely used in the agriculture and agriculture and muncipal irrigation and industrial water recycling system.


  • Patented Full Program Display: One screen shows watering days, number of start times, number of stations, and special programming.
  • Flow Sensor Ready: Connects directly and offers high/low flow abort settings, as well as flow data capture.
  • RF Module Connector: Allows for optional installation of wireless accessories such as a handheld remote, wireless rain sensor or rain/freeze sensor, and flow sensor.
  • Diagnostic Circuit Breaker: Identifies and isolates stations with valve or wiring problems (shorts, faults, valve location) while the remaining program continues.
  • Advanced Diagnostic: Provides visual and/or audible alerts when programming errors or other conditions are detected and prevent operation.
  • Station Delay/Overlap Programming: Permits additional time between stations or dual operation to address issues like well recovery, slow closing valves, and water hammer.
  • Hot-Swappable 4 Station Modules: Enables easy controller upgrades from 4 to 16 stations while the controller is in operation.


  • Large Backlit LCD Screen: Provides best-in-class visualization for all installations.
  • AM/PM or 24 Hour Clock Settings: Allows the user to choose the desired time format.
  • Flexible Operation: Supports manual or remote operation for convenience.
  • System Test: Enables a comprehensive check of valve operation for the entire system.
  • Wire Management System: Vertical station terminal strips allow full utilization of the cabinet.
  • Permanent Memory: Non-volatile memory saves the program during power outages, ensuring data retention.
  • Locate Feature: Assists in locating buried valves in the field, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting.

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