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Automatic Disc Filter®

With the unique disc and vortex structure design, the filter will generate a centrifuge spiral flow of water, which moves away the solid particles in the water. The solid particles will be collected to the top of disc element with rotational flow. The vortex disc filter system ensure high efficient filtering and water-saving for the low frequency of backflushing.


  • Manufactured in Polyamide, providing resistance to chemical products and wear
  • Integrated controller with built-in chips for collecting water pressure data, enabling unmanned automatic performance
  • Flexible modular combination to meet various application requirements for flow rate
  • Continuous filtering ensures uninterrupted water supply during backflushing
  • Smart backflush auto-procedure setting based on the discrepancy of water pressure between the inlet and outlet
  • Manual setting available for regular backflushing procedures
  • Efficient water-saving achieved during auto-flushing with a minimum pressure of 2 bar and a flow rate of 2.5 L/s min.


  • Automatic disc filter system with a modular design
  • Offers T-type or H-type backwash modules to meet various market demands for different flow volumes
  • Compatible with 2″, 3″, or 4″ hydraulic backwash valves
  • Equipped with a built-in computer chip for automatic scheduling work
  • Functions as an automatic unattended water filtration system
  • Ensures continuous water supply while discharging sewage

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