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Applicable to medium-scale agriculture irrigation, removing the particles of water from the lake and river, etc.

Protecting the sprayers & equipment in an irrigation system.


Garden irrigation: Provide solutions for the water recycling of garden irrigation or water landscape, ensure the water quality and protect the sprayer and the dripper. Industrial filtration: Provide solutions for low-flow water recycling in industrial applications.


  • Medium-scale agriculture irrigation: Implement particle removal systems for water sourced from lakes and rivers to safeguard irrigation equipment and sprayers.
  • Garden irrigation: Develop water recycling methods for garden irrigation and water landscapes, emphasizing water quality preservation and protection for sprayers and drippers.
  • Industrial filtration: Offer solutions tailored for low-flow water recycling within industrial settings, ensuring efficient filtration and equipment protection.
  • Particle removal: Employ filtration techniques to eliminate particles from water sources, enhancing the effectiveness and longevity of irrigation systems.
  • Water quality assurance: Implement measures to maintain high water quality standards in various applications, promoting efficient irrigation and sustainable resource management.


  • Minimum water consumption and low maintenance cost.
  • Efficient water saving in auto backflushing with a minimum pressure of 1.5 bar and flow rate of 2.1 L/s minimum.
  • Manufactured in Polyamide, resistant to chemical products and wear-resistant.
  • Compatible with different filter units according to different flow rate requirements.
  • To achieve unmanned performance by chips built-in controller.
  • Auto back flushing procedure set by the discrepancy of water pressure between inlet & outlet, manual setting is also available.
  • Manifold is made either in Stainless Steel, PE, or Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel.

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