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Pro LC

The PRO-LC offers a new perspective on affordable, conventional controllers with many of the features of the reliable and robust PRO EX 2.0 controller (see page 45).Available in fixed 4, 8 or 12 stations and as indoor or outdoor models, these compact controllers offer an array of user-friendly features.


  • Easy to follow programming: Simplifies the process of setting up and adjusting the controller.
  • Large LCD display: Offers a spacious and clear screen for easy viewing and navigation.
  • Full program display feature: Shows comprehensive information about watering days, start times, stations, and special programming on a single screen.
  • Rain sensor and rain/freeze sensor ready: Enables automated operation based on sensor input, providing efficient and water-saving irrigation.
  • Seasonal adjust: Allows for easy adjustment of watering schedules based on seasonal variations and weather conditions.
  • Buried valve locator: Helps locate buried valves in the system, making maintenance and repairs more convenient.

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