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Threaded & Barbed Fogger®

Designed specifically for cooling and humidifying applications, the Threaded Fogger is an ideal solution for various settings. Whether it’s greenhouses, rooting tables, or livestock environments, this fogger creates the perfect conditions for plant propagation, seed germination, and maintaining optimal climate in poultry sheds and cow sheds.


  • Specially designed Anti-Drip device prevents dripping after irrigation cycles.
  • Anti-drip device activates at pressures above 1.5kg/cm2, initiating fogger operation.
  • Anti-drip device shuts down when water pressure falls below 0.7kg/cm2, stopping fogger operation.
  • Bridgeless design eliminates dripping.
  • Uniform distribution of 65-micron droplets at nominal pressure.
  • Acid-resistant raw material allows application of agricultural chemicals.
  • Suitable acid treatment for system cleaning.


  • Recommended working pressure: 4.0kg/cm2
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh (130 micron)
  • Press fit type inlet connector
  • Pressure range: 2.5kg/cm2 to 5kg/cm2
  • Average droplet size of 65 micron at recommended pressure of 4kg/cm2

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