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double union ball valve

Irriworld Double Union Type PVC Ball Valves have union ends on both sides so that the valve can be demounted from a pipeline for refurbishment or repair. The valves are available as PVC Union Ball Valves with threaded or solvent ends in imperial sizes.

Irriworld PVC valves offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals, in addition to offering high impact and high tensile strength.Easily assembled with perfect sealing under all conditions. Union-type ball valves can be used for a wide range of applications and operate at a working pressure of up to 16 bar (Dependent on size) making our valve the strongest among most of the competitors.


  • Size Available: 1.5″ (50 mm), 2” (63mm), 2.5” (75mm) and 3” (90mm).

  • HNBR Seal washer and TPE Seal for Zero Leak while Shut off

  • Body, socket, Ring, Ball, and Shaft made of heavy-duty UPVC material

  • High Pressure rating of PN-16 made it the strongest Valve available among any competitor.

  • TPE seals effect ensures leakage-free and low fixed torque.

  • Available in both Threaded and Solvent End Connections.

  • UV Stabilized parts ensure No Color Fading and make the valve durable.

  • Resistant to most Chemicals used in Agriculture.


Part No.Part NameMaterial
1Body, Ball, SocketUPVC
2Ring, Bush, ShaftUPVC
3Bush O RingHNBR

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