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Direct Burial Irrigation Circuit Cable

IRRIWORLD® Direct Burial Low Energy Cables are specially designed with Dual Layered Insulation for Irrigation Automation Applications. Direct burial irrigation circuit cable is a durable outdoor electrical cable designed for irrigation and landscape lighting systems. It is UV and weather-resistant, intended to be buried underground at a specific depth for safety. The cable is water-resistant, color-coded for easy identification, and complies with safety standards. Its versatility and ease of installation make it suitable for various outdoor applications, providing reliable electrical connections in moist or wet soil conditions.


  • TIN Coated Copper Wire for reduced loss of current.
  • Conductor: Soft-Annealed, Uncoated Copper.
  • Insulation: Polyvinyl chloride Dual Insulation.
  • Manufacturer’s Identification: Surface marked with IRRIWORLD, Voltage Rating, Size, and Type.


Underground Low Energy Circuit Cable for use in operation at 40 volts or less rated 60°C.

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